Enterprise Solutions We provide all technology services, together with skilled software engineers and system engineers contain extended experiences in developing systems for major corporates. Our technology services are built to meet every aspect of your requirement, and we are ready to assist you 24 hours.

To develop websites and mobile sites, the developers demand latest modern technology for immediate, accurate, standard results, including technology to support search engine structure to optimize searching results. To develop complex but easy-to-access web applications, it is necessary to have experts with high proficiency in developing websites such as creating e-commerce websites to link with online e-payment system. Designing software architectures demand full comprehension in customer requirements and coordinate with every levels big data usage in the company.

In highly competitive business, a mobile application is a significant medium comes with a personal approach. It extends convenient, immediate effects compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Also, Mobile apps are working in both offline and online. Developing mobile sites need designing software architecture, examining, and considering the limitation of mobile devices in both operations IOS and Android. We have professional mobile application development team with success in developing mobile apps for enterprises and government agency. We provide consultancy and application development service. It can connect to large infrastructure system to achieve the business goal.

Big Data is voluminous and complex data occurring every day. Major corporates are aware and demand appropriate approach to handle data for profitable growth. However, The corporate are insufficient professionals who are skilled in developing storage platform system and optimize benefits from using big data in business analytics, prediction model, and machine learning. We have specialist engineers be able to provide advice and analyze data to use for customer personalization, data visualization, recommender system, chatbot system and ontology.

Enterprise Solutions

Today's business demands digital technology to build a new dynamic business model and enhance productivity. Digital transformation delivers critical benefits to corporations to pull ahead of business rivals. Consequently, many companies have offered a new service for customers as alternative ways to succeed in business.

Thailand has over 40 million internet users. Thus, website, mobile site, and application developments need to meet user expectations to maximize user experience. An easy-to-use interface on campaign sites or E-Commerce sites has a direct impact on trial users to converse into paying customers.

The new business management needs instant corresponding with customers, so online collaborations and business process demand precision to develop into machine learning, then it can apply in business for maximum benefits such as customer service by recommendation & personalization, or even provide executives’ information insight to see rare business opportunities.

Bunditcenter Co., Ltd. have over 15 years of experience in large system development for enterprises or government organization. We succeed in creating big data analytics and developing web applications and mobile applications. We have created Kapook.com, ranked in biggest top 3 web portal in Thailand with minimum 240,000,000 page views per month. We collaborate systems and connect with popular social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LINE.

Our system development engineers and professional staffs consist of experience in working with leading organization. We value in the customer-centered design process, and our experts are ready to give you productive advice on technology to optimize profits and supervise your business efficiently.

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